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Democratic National Convention: 5 stories to watch

Democratic National Convention: 5 stories to watch How unified is the Democratic Party?
 With news of leaked documents showing that the DNC may have helped try to defeat Bernie Sanders, it is unclear how the Vermont senator’s supporters will respond to Hillary Clinton’s nomination.
 How will Tim Kaine perform?
 How he positions himself in his speech, especially how much he stresses his work as a civil rights attorney, could go a along way toward building bridges with Sanders supporters.
 Will there be any spontaneity?
 There is likely some concern that, next to the RNC, the Democratic Convention will be boring.
 Clinton is a policy-focused politician who doesn’t exactly have a flair for drama.
 The party may have to find a way to make this week just as “must-see” as Donald Trump’s performance in Cleveland.
 What will Bernie say?
 There is little chance that Bernie Sanders will “pull a Cruz,” and not tell his supporters to vote for Clinton.

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